Monday, May 5, 2008

Sick vacation

A sea of clouds.

The picture above was taken today. It reminds me of the movie Excalibur. If you've seen the movie, you'll know why.

So last Friday was my birthday. What did I do? Nothing. I was sick. I even went to bed early. I started feeling sick-ish since about Tuesday with an annoying cough. The first one to call me though was my girlfriend. That made me really happy.

Another thing that had me stoked was a delivery I received around 2 pm. I even asked the delivery girl if she had the right person because I have never received a special deliver by anyone.

My coworker and his fiance had this fruit arrangement sent to me. I thought that was awesome. I called them both immediately to thank them. After which, I devoured the whole thing. Good stuff.

So obviously I didn't go anywhere over the weekend. I didn't even go see Ironman. I almost did but my roommate didn't want to wait for me. I was talking to my girlfriend through Skype. Oh well. I'm sure I'll catch it soon. I hear it's definately worth watching.

My vacation has started, and I'm still sick. Wonderful.


Diana said...

Aww! I feel so special because you wrote about Mario & I, you're too sweet. I am glad you enjoyed your delivery.

DIANA said...

Aww you are too sweet. You wrote about Mario & I, you made us feel so special. LOL I am glad you enjoyed your delivery.

Timmy said...

Late Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear you had to go through it being sick though.

It's kinda like having the stomach flu during Thanksgiving, and you can't eat anything cuz you're too busy throwing up. That happened to me one year.

That's a nice gift your friends got you. I've never seen a product of Edible Arrangements before, but I've always wanted to check them out. Looks pretty yummy.

You going to Kina's show on the 24th? It's in LA =) See you there maybe?

deana said...

Thanks for the greeting Jerry! Is your girl a happyslip fan? She's got a comedy video of a jeepney she rode in the Philippines - so you get the whole experience. Hope you caught my bday wish on the blahg, and that you're feeling better by now.