Friday, October 31, 2008

Bronson Friday 10/31

Hey all.

Wednesday afternoon, my roommate decided we should take Bronson out on a small hike up to Peanut Lake at Ernest Debs park.

He's never been up there so it was a whole new world for him. The sounds of the trees, the squirrels...

He enjoyed himself.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't you....

I'm feeling blah today. Probably because it's Sunday and Sunday's are usually boring. Maybe there's more behind it too. I don't know. I'm finding myself getting annoyed and irritated with some people rather quickly and I'm not sure why.

Last week was decent. Wednesday, I think, was the best day of the week. Nothing grand happened. I just had lunch with a old friend I haven't seen in a very long time. It was good seeing her. We talked about everything that's happened to us recently. It was somewhat weird at the same time, however. It was the first time I ever seen her dressed up in work clothes. Usually when we went out, she had some shorts and sandals, or something summery. This time, she had some black dress boot, black dress pants and a nice top with a matching black vest. I must say, she looked quite sexy.

Thursday was a little sad, especially for my roommate. Bronson was found to have a small tumor growing in his throat. He had surgery Friday, and it was successful. We picked him up from the hospital Saturday, and he was very excited to see us. He wasn't quite so cheerful during the week, so it was refreshing to see him happy again.

Now I'll leave you with a video to an awesome song.

Here's another from the same band...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bronson Friday 10/24

My roommate just got a new accessory for Halloween decor. Bronson seemed to like the new coffin that's out front. ^^

Maybe not so much... as he wanted to get out of it but we kept making him stay for some photos. :D

Monday, October 20, 2008


K guys... No one really participated in my first create-a-caption entry. I guess no one really looks at my blog unless I shove the link into their IM's. Sadness.

Well, here is the next entry.


Sunday, October 19, 2008



Been a while since I updated. Over the last couple of days have been kind of a rollercoaster. I had a conversation whom I haven't really talked to before, but knew who she was. My x's sister-in-law. She's here now and I we talked on Skype for a while. She was tellling me things that was very good to hear. It made me feel somewhat better about who I was and I what I tried being. At the same time, however, I started thinking about "her" again and just started feeling really sad about not being with her anymore.

It's been 4 months now. I miss her so much....

I received several new pictures from the Marek fire that was extremely close to burning down our San Fernando UPS building.

Oh... remember that little white car that burned?

I never did find out who it belonged to.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If only you'd never speak to me the way that you do.
If only you'd never speak like that, it's like listening to...
A breaking heart, a falling sky, fire go out and friendship die.
I wish you felt the way that I still do... the way that I still do

If only you'd never look at me, the way that you do.
If only you'd never look like that when I look at you.
I see face like stone, eyes of ice, mouth so sweetly telling lies.
I wish you felt the way that I still do... the way that I still do.

If only you'd never pull from me, the way that you do.
If only you'd never pull like that when I'm with you.
I feel hopeless hands helplessly pulling you back close to me.
I wish you felt the way that I still do... the way that I still do.

If only you'd ever speak speak to me, the way you once did.
Look at me the way you once did, pull to me the way you once did.

But you don't.
You don't feel anymore. You don't care anymore.
It's all gone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marek Fire

And it begins...

The Fire season is in full effect here in So Cal.

So far, the main fire going on right now is the Marek Fire. It has been burning since Sunday, consuming 4,820 acres in and around Lake View Terrace.

One of my buddies was up close and personal with the fire raging in the S.F. Valley. He is a supervisor at the UPS facility we have there in Sylmar. He managed to take these pictures as he was evacuating the building, along with everyone else inside.

Our UPS building there is very very close to the fire that is taking place.

So close, in fact, that an employee's car fell victim to the fire's rage.

The scary thing for him is that he managed to get his car moved. Had he not, his car would have also fallen victim since he was only 2 car stalls to the side.

That particular Hub has been needing help these past couple of days. My building, along with others in the district, have sent employees out there to help anyway they can.

Many thanks to J-Con for allowing me to post his photos.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beautiful day...

Both Saturday and Sunday have been amazing days. Bright, sunny and breezy. You know the fall season is here.

You also know it's a great day when you can actually see the San Gabriel Mountains out in the distance.

Here are 2 more pictures out in front.

Here I am... soaking in the day while enjoying my morning cup of coffee.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bronson Friday

Silly Bronson... he's feeling very lazy today. I don't think he even felt like having pictures taken today.

Despite the laziness though, he still showed some love! Notice his new collar for the season? ^^

Monday, October 6, 2008


I thought of another cool idea for my blog. I'm still using it for my thoughts and photographs, Bronson Friday's, and some funny stuff.

I think... maybe every Monday, I'll post a pic of something... anything.

Here's the thing... it's up to you guys to create a caption for the pic.

Sounds like fun?

We'll see.

Here's today's picture.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Excitement is in the air...

Indeed it is.

Short and Sweep
A sweep as simple as 1, 2, 3
Torre soaks up 18th playoff series win
Sweep Success!

No matter what headline you prefer, it all means the same thing... Dodgers advance to the NLCS.
Last night, the Dodgers returned home to L.A. to play against the Cubs for game 3 in the NLDS.

In some way, I feel slightly bad since it's been 100 years since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series title.


We also have had a drought of our own, and that may change. After 20 yrs since we have won a championship title, the Dodgers finally get passed the Division Series with a 3-1 victory over the Cubs.

It still feels unreal that the Dodgers are actually advancing deeper into the playoffs in quite a long while. Many people didn't believe they could beat the Cubs, who were a better team throughout the regular season. I didn't feel that way though. As good as they ended the season, I thought they would at least reach the NLCS. Sure enough, they did.

Video below is of the bottom of the 9th inning, as Johnathan Broxton strikes out Alfonso Soriano to end the game.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bronson Friday...

I've been thinking of other ideas I could use this blog for. I am borrowing this idea from another blog I had frequently visited.

Why not... every Friday, I post pictures of our dog Bronson? I'll test it out for a few weeks and see how it goes.

For now, I'll post 2 pictures I took this morning of the akita.

Citizen of the week.

I have heard some pretty whacky stories of people's actions, but there are some that still surprise you and make you think "wtf?"

Take this woman for example. Her name... Michelle Allen, a 32 year
old woman from Ohio.

What's her story, you ask?

On Sept. 27th, 2008, Allen was charged with disorderly conduct after she was caught impeding traffic and chasing children. It has been reported that Allen had been hired to wear the costume to advertise for a local "haunted trail" theme park, but left the job to go on a drinking binge.

The drunken 32-year-old even urinated on a neighbor's front garden and asked people to 'suck my udders.'

More from
"Michelle is pretty well known to us. She's 'struggled,' to say the least," he told the New York Post.

But when she was taken to jail she really put her foot and mouth in it when she started shouting at other inmates telling them to "suck her udders."

Police said that the cow suit was all she had on and had to take her mugshot while she was still wearing it.

And as that was her only form of attire she had to go to court wearing the ridiculous outfit.

The judge said "We get people dressed in various attire when they're in court. But this was a first, someone dressed as a cow."

Talk about a new case of Mad Cow disease.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 down.... 1 to go!

The Los Angeles Dodgers just beat the Chicago Cubs 10-3 to take Game 2 of the series. With that, the Dodgers will return home to play game 3 on Saturday here in L.A.

Chad Billingsley pitched a good game, going 6 strong innings, holding the Cubs to no runs.

It also helped that Russel Martin's double in the 2nd inning brought in 3 runs.

Let's not forget the 2nd homerun Manny Ramirez hit tonight. He holds the record for most homeruns in the post season with 26 now.

It's a good feeling knowing the Dodgers are playing pretty good this year. This is only the 3rd playoff victory in 20 yrs. The weird thing is, the Cubs have it worse. Even though we haven't won a World Series championship in 20 yrs, the Cubs haven't won a W.S. title in... ready for this?

... 100 yrs!

Imagine that.

Most even say it's a curse... so much that the Cubs had a priest brought in before game 1 to bless their dugout. Obviously, that didn't work. The picture below pretty much sums up Chicago's season.

Grand Slam!

James Loney with a grand slam! 'nuff said.

Game 1: Dodgers 7, Cubs 2

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It starts today...

Today is the day that both L.A. baseball teams start their journey into the playoffs. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be begin hosting the Boston Red Sox here in Anaheim, while the Los Angeles Dodgers are off in Chicago to face the Cubs.

The addition of key players has helped booster the clubs and has made them very tough. Red Sox acquired Jason Bay, while the Halos brought in Mark Texeira (pictured on right) from the Braves. Texeira is batting from both sides of the plate, which makes him that much more powerful. Hitting behind is Big Vlad. That combination will be something the Sox will be very careful about. Even though the Red Sox have always eliminated the Angels in the playoffs in the past, the Angels are favored to advance this time around.

The boys in blue also have their hands full. The Dodgers haven't done so well against the Cubs this season. During those games, though, Dodgers were struggling and were full with injuries. It's a whole new team now.
Andre Ethier has been hot all year, and so has James Loney. With the return of Rafael Furcal, and the acquisitions of Manny Ramirez (pictured on left) and Casey Blake, the Dodgers look to do well this year. They have not won the World Series in 20 years, with winning only one playoff game during that stretch. Things are different now. Who knows. We may see a freeway series on the big stage.