Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marek Fire

And it begins...

The Fire season is in full effect here in So Cal.

So far, the main fire going on right now is the Marek Fire. It has been burning since Sunday, consuming 4,820 acres in and around Lake View Terrace.

One of my buddies was up close and personal with the fire raging in the S.F. Valley. He is a supervisor at the UPS facility we have there in Sylmar. He managed to take these pictures as he was evacuating the building, along with everyone else inside.

Our UPS building there is very very close to the fire that is taking place.

So close, in fact, that an employee's car fell victim to the fire's rage.

The scary thing for him is that he managed to get his car moved. Had he not, his car would have also fallen victim since he was only 2 car stalls to the side.

That particular Hub has been needing help these past couple of days. My building, along with others in the district, have sent employees out there to help anyway they can.

Many thanks to J-Con for allowing me to post his photos.

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