Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 down.... 1 to go!

The Los Angeles Dodgers just beat the Chicago Cubs 10-3 to take Game 2 of the series. With that, the Dodgers will return home to play game 3 on Saturday here in L.A.

Chad Billingsley pitched a good game, going 6 strong innings, holding the Cubs to no runs.

It also helped that Russel Martin's double in the 2nd inning brought in 3 runs.

Let's not forget the 2nd homerun Manny Ramirez hit tonight. He holds the record for most homeruns in the post season with 26 now.

It's a good feeling knowing the Dodgers are playing pretty good this year. This is only the 3rd playoff victory in 20 yrs. The weird thing is, the Cubs have it worse. Even though we haven't won a World Series championship in 20 yrs, the Cubs haven't won a W.S. title in... ready for this?

... 100 yrs!

Imagine that.

Most even say it's a curse... so much that the Cubs had a priest brought in before game 1 to bless their dugout. Obviously, that didn't work. The picture below pretty much sums up Chicago's season.

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Diana said...

And they did it...GO DODGERS!!