Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol, Group 1

It's been a while since I last posted. So I thought I'd write a little something about tonight's American Idol.

Remember when I said I was going to try to view the entire season? Well I guess I missed a few shows already (last week), but I'm back on it. Tonight was the first "live" show.

They are changing formats a little bit, as oppose to how they have been doing it in the previous seasons. I don't know what the previous format is since I haven't seen it before. This time, they are separating the entire 36 contestants into 3 groups, and each group while have a night devoted to them to perform. The top 3 of each group will advance.

One of the most surprising performances for me was Tatiana Del Toro. If you remember from the auditions, she's the Puerto Rican who the insanely annoying laughter. It's ear piercing. She's also a drama queen.

Wow that's horrible.

Anyway, she decided to sing Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love." I thought this would be a very hard song to pull off since Whitney had an amazing voice in her prime. Well, to my surprise, she pulled it off... and quite nicely. I enjoyed it and I thought she did a great job singing it. She even received a standing ovation from the crowd.

One of my favorites of them all is Anoop Desai. He chose to sing Monica's "Angel Of Mine". I think he did a great job with this. R&B seems to fit his vocals.

I think the one the performance that won everyone over was Danny Gokey. He lost his wife a month before his first audition to congenital heart disease. His song was Mariah Carey's "Hero". I'm not a fan of Mariah, but she does have a great voice. I honestly didn' think he would pull this one off, but I was wrong. He sounded great, and everyone went crazy for him.

I guess those are my top 3 to advance. We'll see wha the voting will turn out with.

One of the hotties that most people are gooing over is Casey Carlson. She chose "Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic" by The Police.


It was bad. I loved her audition, but The Police is not who she should be singing.

Why can't Ryan Seacrest just come out... and say it? Yeah... you know what I mean.

He was sitting next to Tatiana, who I'll admit is a hottie, when she placed her hand on his shoulder and gently rubbed it. He freaked out and looked at her.

Later in the show, when Danny just finished his song, Ryan came up to him and grabbed his arm, and started rubbing Danny's bicep.

Yep, he did that.

Remember when Ryan tried to hi-five a blind guy? Yep, he did that too.

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