Friday, July 2, 2010

The Big Brother poem

Watching this sunset through these bars
Thinking of the part, how it seems so far.
Remembering some memories of Jerry, my Big Brother
I feel blessed knowing we share the same mother.
Taking me to Dodger games when I was just a kid
Oh how I hold him up so high, he even bought me my first mitt.
Going to Six Flags instead of going to school,
Getting on Goliath with him, how I felt so cool.
My reason to go to Los Angeles is just for him to be in my sight.
If he was in front of me now, I'd hug him with all my might.
Cheering me up when no one else did,
Beating my ass when I'd have a fit.
Now that I'm in prison, I feel alone,
Wishing I could call him just to hear "Hello!"
For he can not be replaced and I'll never ask for another
Thank you God, because I love my Big Brother

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