Thursday, April 23, 2009


I want to post about something, but sadly, I haven't had any real motivation to do anything. I haven't had any real thoughts about anything, nor have I gone anywhere to really talk about. I'm not sure why.

Oh, I know why.

I'm boring.

One thing that I have really neglected is my photography. That also falls under the going anywhere category though. When I was going out, "she" wouldn't let me take any pictures of her, which would have been amazing since her and I went to the Santa Monica Pier a couple of times.

Who is her? No one anymore.

The only thing I've really been doing is picking up where I left off with my running. I am starting off slow again, with some light work out at home. I've been at it for 2 days straight now, and will do so again tomorrow. I think the problem is that I let time in between take place, and therefor get lazy. Maybe if I do something everyday, alternating between running and working out, I'll stay on a consistent schedule.

Anyone want to buy me a gym membership?


deana said...

Jerry, come out of that dark place you're writing from and go photograph Kina and David playing at AHS! Seriously, good music and positive vibes could only be a good thing :) Unless, of course you have to miss the show because it's on your bday and you have better plans...

DG said...

You can always take a drive to the 909 that is always good, Mario, the boys and myself enjoy having you over