Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Weekend

So I turned ... well, let's just say I had a birthday this past weekend. It was on Saturday to be exact.

Several weeks ago, I had an awesome day planned. I signed myself up for the free Disneyland admission on the day of your birthday. One of the main reasons I did that was so I can invite the girl I had met recently. I was really looking forward to enjoying the day with her.

Turns out, it did not work out between us, and I was a bit upset that I was no longer going to be going with her to Disneyland.

After a while, I did not care so much about it anymore. I realized why it did not work out, and I was ok with it. I realized that... even though she DID make me happy when I was with her, I didn't NEED her to be happy.

A couple of other plans came up, however. My sister invited me to Dave and Buster's for dinner, drinking, and of course, gaming. Before that, though, my very good friends invited me to something I have never done before.


I had a blast. At first, I felt somewhat awkward because I saw everyone there decked out in full camouflage clothing. I obviously did not have any of it. I've never been, so why would I? I simply wore black jeans, and a dark gray long sleeve. I felt so out of place. Can you spot me in the picture to the right?

If you're wondering if I got hit... I did. 3 times. I was a lil nervous at first about getting hit, as I thought it was going to hurt. It really doesn't. Once you take the first one, you know how it'll feel and aren't so worried anymore after that.

The first time I got hit, I was crouching, and I took a shot on my left hip area. It didn't hurt at all, really. The 2nd time was o the back side of my left ribs. It under the vest. I honestly don't remember getting hit on my right calf. Like I said, once you take the first one, all the ones after are nothing.

Don't ask me to pull some Johnny Knoxville stuff though.

We were done just after sunset, so I called my sister to postpone Dave and Buster's until next Saturday. That way, my friends can also go and it'll be a huge group type deal. She just took me to dinner at Applebee's, which was awesome! I ordered the steak and BBQ chicken and Mashed taters plate. Soo damn good.

Dinner itself was also really fun. They had the Dodger game on TV there, and everyone in the restaurant was cheering along, including our waitress, which was a lil cutie by the way.

So that was my birthday. Even though I did not go to "The Happiest Place on Earth," I was still happy to be with the people that care about me.

Thank you.


Vincent said...

Kick ass man, See we all love you hehe

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day!!! ^_^

DG said...

Well first of all you know that i really knew it was your bday, just was so excited about paintball that i forgot to say happy bday! I'm glad you enjoyed you bday with us, but don't worry Dave & Busters will be fun....

laiza & carlos :) said...

...whatever happened to hitting the strip joint for free lap dances?...& dennys serves you free you loosing it!!!!

XXLGAXXL said...

lmao you a brave soul man. so underprotected. there is so one area i wont play paintball if its not covered. lol you should know which. and dude that plate looks so good you got me hungry now lmao. happy bday mate.

AP said...

Nice hell of a birthday

Dawn said...

im glad u had a good birthday, but you should have come to disneyland with us, it was goth day.. which i didnt know they even had.. anyways it was hilarious.. =)

deana said...

sounds like a fun time! you're not so old ;)

...felt so out of place? i think you're the only one who looks normal. i've seen people do jumpsuites to protect their clothing, but camo seems a little too enthusiastic.


Sandra said...

You're having a birthday soon ;) What are you planning this year?