Sunday, May 17, 2009

L.A. Fans... the best?

I'll make this a quick post about something that happened today.

I watched 2 games earlier today... the Dodgers in Florida, and the Lakers hosting Houston.

As I watched them, I noticed something very different between the fans in Florida and the Laker fans here at home.

First of all, pitching for the Dodgers today was the young Clayton Kershaw.

He was flirting with history with going for his first no-hitter in his young career. He ended up pitching 7 innings, 1 hit, 4 walks, and 9 strikeouts. As he was walking to the Dodger dugout after Joe Torre took him out, something happened that you hardly see in the opposing team's home stadium. The crowd in Florida stood up and cheered for Kershaw.


Then, I started watching the Laker game. I'm not a fan of the Lakers, but it was game 7 of this playoff series against the Houston Rockets.

Even before the game started, I was embarrassed to be a Los Angeles fan (of any sports team).

During the National Anthem, the crowd "boo-ed" when the lyrics came to "And the rockets' red glare..."

Really? You're going to boo during the National Anthem simply because one word in the song is the opposing teams name? Wow.. that's really sad.

Last I remember, the song doesn't represent the Houston Rockets.

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Hollie said...

Boo'ing part of the National Anthem... that is absolutely terrible!! There is something to be said about Good Sportsmanship and this just makes me sick...