Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sword and Shield

Today's project (4/3): Illustrate symmetry in a photograph today.

I was going to cheat again and use a picture I've taken before. Reason being is because I was watching the pre-game of the Dodgers-Giants game on ESPN, and they were actually talking about Dodger Stadium, and how it's the only stadium in the league that has a symmetrical shape.

Obviously I didn't go that route. I was looking around and decided to just try something I have here at home.

I looked up and found my Medieval Times sword and shield. I thought it would be perfect for the assignment. However, I wasn't quite sure if the actual object had to look symmetrical in the photo, or just as long as it was in the picture. I decided to set them up so that they actually showed symmetrical in the image.

If you have not been to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, you are missing out. You should DEFINITELY go.

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