Friday, January 30, 2009


Today was actually quite an amusing day at work.

You'd think someone would learn their lessons about leaving their cell phone or their keys out in the open for anyone to grab.

My pal Mario took Midget's keys this morning that were on his own desk, so Mario grabbed Robert and they both went on a little joyride.

Isn't it a little early for the Yard House?

Nokia Theater, too.

Might as well stop by the Staples Center.

...and in the Circle of Honor?

Against Downtown L.A.

You'd think by now he'll know better than to leave his stuff all over the place. I can almost gurantee you, though, this isn't the end.



Anonymous said...

That was pretty hilarious. Now i know never to leave my stuff lying around. My keys and cell phone are always in my pockets.
What made it much funnier was the Pics lol

DG said...

LMAO!! Pinche Mario!!