Thursday, April 24, 2008

Morning stiffy.

I've always wondered what the actual view is like from this point of Mt. Wilson. I'm sure it must look awesome.

It looks like today would be a nice day regarding the weather. It should be around 71 degrees. In fact, I'm going to go running in a while. Unusual for me to go run while everyone is active. I usually do so right after work, around the 6 am hour.

What is going on with Amy Winehouse? I almost feel sorry for her seeing what her life is looking like. She was just recently involved in an incident where she headbutted a London man. Wow, really?

Not only that, but look at her. I mean, look! She looks so beat up and old and raggedy. Would you really believe that she is 24? Yes she is. She looks 54 if you ask me. Maybe even older. I do know that she looks monstrous now though.

You know what puzzles me? There was a picture released of when she was in High School. She was actually really cute. She looked sweet and innocent. What the hell happened?

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