Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

I suppose now is a good a time as any to talk about my weekend. I guess maybe you can say it was a good one.

Let's start off with Friday night, shall we?

Indeed. Friday night was the long awaited Seether concert @ The Wiltern. I was eagerly waiting for this day since Seether is one of my top bands. I took my pal Vin with me. He's never seen them before. In fact, he's somewhat new to their music. I showed him a couple of songs and he liked what he heard. Especially the song entitled Breakdown because it describes what he had gone through so well. However, it was really disappointing that they didn't even perform the song. We think we know why.

The problem was, it was a "co-headlining" show. Granted, they were the last band to perform, but Seether and the band prior, Flyleaf, shared about the same amount of time on stage and probably same number of songs performed. I believe Seether only played... maybe 13. That's a low number. If you recall the Foo Fighters concert I went to, they played 26 songs. Twice as many as Seether.

Regardless of how long Seether played though, they were amazing. The lighting was quite the eye-sight. I loved the colors used and their stage setup.

Seether started off with a see-through curtain on the fart, light beige colored. As the lights went out, the bass-line for No Jesus Christ started playing, and an old factory style hanging light came down directly over the middle of the stage. After a while of the bass, Shaun came out and stood under that light and started singing the song.

You can see more photos here. I apologize that they aren't great photos, but I was quite the distance away from the stage.

Saturday came and went. Nothing much happened so there isn't really anything to tell. I was just bummed out that she hadn't called me Friday or Saturday, so I just sat around and saw a movie with my roommate.

Sunday is off to a decent start. Well, I think you can say it's a good start. I ran this morning with my roommate, and I must say I was quite impressed with myself. Instead of the normal 1.5 miles that I started out with, I increased the distance to 2 miles. Why was I so impressed with myself? Well I'll tell you.

I ran the entire distance without stopping to walk. Granted it was a slow and steady pace, but I'm a beginner. What can ya do? I'm just glad that I ran the entire distance non-stop. Go me!
I suppose you want to know the time I ran it in, eh? Fine. 20 minutes, 33 seconds.

Well that's it for now. She's currently on her way to Sicily as I type this, so I'll just sit around and wait for her phone calls at each airport. She already called once before getting on her first flight. 3 more flights to go after. Fun times.

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