Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two times? Really?

Yes, really. It's very unfortunate when you lose friends. Especially friends you were really close with. I suppose they weren't really friends based on the decisions they make. I'll tell you what happened.

I met this girl 10 yrs ago. We were pretty close, I'd say, until about a year ago. I guess you can say she was getting distant. I know why.

I logged on to MySpace a couple of days ago and I noticed there was one less friend. I wish there was a feature that shows you who exactly deleted you from their friend list. Whatever.

I didn't think too much of who it was at the time. Just yesterday, I was reorganizing my top friends and I noticed that SHE was missing. I thought maybe she deleted her account all together because of her boyfriend. That's why she's been distant in the past year. I looked up her name in the search and sure enough, she still had her account. I sent her a message asking her why, and she told me what I guessed. Her boyfriend was the reason. He's an insanely jealous guy who doesn't like her talking to any guys. I wasn't he only one she deleted either. She has talked to me about him and his jealous before, so this isn't new. I just didn't think that it would get bad enough that he has to tell her who she can and can not talk to. It's sad really, because we've been friends for 10 yrs now. Then the guy comes along and controls who she talks to.

Like the subject says.... two times. This has happened to me before. Same exact situation, same exact outcome. Oh well. They obviously decide what they want to do. If they choose to abandon their male friends to be with the one controlling guy they are with, then I have nothing to say to them except for good luck.

Kina Grannis performs tomorrow in Fullerton. Do I really want to go... alone? No, I don't. I really wish I had friends that know who she is and enjoy her music. I have one who I showed her music to and she enjoyed it. In fact, she went with me to the show Kina had a while ago. The picture to the left is from that show. Unfortunately, Val works Thursday and can't get out of it. The show itself is at noon, in Cal State Fullerton. I really want to go. I missed her last show here in L.A. :(

Did I mention I was banned from YouTube? Yep. I commited my 2nd violation. Heh, oh well.
The only thing that I'm really bummed out about is that my video of the Deftones will no longer be the top search on Yahoo and Google video search. I'm sure it'll still show in the results, but if you click on it, it won't exist anymore. Sadness.

Do I want to register to YouTube again? Maybe...


Timmy said...

argh, i know exactly what you mean when you wish you could find friends that have deleted you on myspace.

as for kina grannis, go anyways. she's playing a full hour, so it'll be worth it =). Not like just those 4 songs you only got to hear last time in Fullerton. But since you live in LA, yeah, I feel ya. Sometimes the drive doesn't make it seem worth it.

AK said...

Jerry, That's too bad about myspace...some people think they don't deserve know what I mean. As for all your other blogs...I like them and like to hear about what's going on! Like i've said before...more on CA!!! I miss home! Anyways the pictures make it seem more real, like you know exactly what you are talking about! Keep writing cause you are good at it! Oh, if you have forgotten...more on CA! :)Until next time...

deana said...

on the two times, i've been there, minus the myspace part. it's a lousy way to lose a friend, but i agree people make their choices (even when it's choosing to be controlled). wish i could have gone with you to the kina show in fullerton.

oh, hey, you've been tagged on the blahg. um by me. :-)