Friday, March 7, 2008

Amazing show...

I am still wide awake from the high of last night's show. Wow. Simply... wow! What an amazing show! Foo Fighters simply rocked the place down. I'm thrilled I finally had a chance to see one of my favorite bands of all time. I always see performance online or on TV and it show they are full of energy. Honestly, they surpass that.

From beginning to end, the crowd was 100% into the show. It's always amazing to hear the crowd singing along word for word with the band, especially when the band stops and all you hear is the crowd.

I was always excited to see Pat Smear. He is so awesome to see live. The way he performs is so different, like he just loves to have fun on stage. He joined Dave back when the band started, though he eventually ended up leaving to pursue other things. He was asked to tour with The Foo's since he played guitar in their latest album.

I remember he was doing some whacky poses during some songs. He's always done that even as far back as when he and Dave were in Nirvana. It kinda reminds me of a ragged doll being thrown around. Yeah, he throws his arms around every now and then. He's just an awesome guitarist with a fun stage presence.

As for the rest of the show, I was a little surprised to see a smaller stage out in the middle of the floor. The reason? They wanted to play a few songs in acoustic in the middle of the arena. I thought it was an awesome idea, though we were definitely not close to where they were. We were 3 people deep away from the main railing in front of the stage, so when they went to the middle to perform their acoustic, we were nowhere close. I just relaxed and enjoyed what they had to offer. Here is a picture of the acoustic stage in the middle of the arena.

After which, everyone except for Dave left the stage. Dave stayed and started playing Everlong. I already knew that as Dave got to the end of the song, Taylor, Chris and Nate would join in to finish off the song strong. That's when Dave went back to the main stage to continue the rest of the hard stuff.

So the end is near, and we get another neat surprise. A special guest. Can you guess who it is?

The man needs no introduction, but I won't mention who it is. That's up to you to guess.
The crowd went insane when this guy came out.
Hint: Probot
Song played: Shake Your Blood

I was bummed out about one thing though. They said no cameras. If I would have made the slightest attempt to even bring mine is, I could have. Security mentioned no cameras, but really didn't check for them. Once inside, I saw flashes going off everywhere. Why didn't I try to bring it in? Grrr. It's ok though, I can find pictures from my night online somewhere, like the ones above. Full credit goes to Julio Meliani at

This is the setlist of the night.

Ok. I think I am done. If you haven't seen Foo Fighters live, GO SEE THEM! Simply awesome! I will definitely go see them again, without a doubt.

So with the tradition of also adding videos, I just found this. It's from last night, the same show I went to. Foo Fighter's first song of the night, Let It Die!

2nd song of the night... The Pretender.


Mario said...

You should have taken your camera... COD4 later? For sure this time, lol.

deana said...

Yay for flickr and youtube! Too bad you didn't bring your camera though. I need to get pics up: spidey cupcakes, spidey bike, party mask... a regular superhero birthday.

So, I'm not a musician so it's hard to guess from the chords. That said, nirvana teen spirit?

Timmy said...

Lucky duck. 3 of my friends went to the show last night too. Darn, you should've brought your camera, that would've been awesome.

So who's the surprise guy? It's kinda hard to tell who it is. He looks like a cowboy.

Wish I could've gone.

mariya said...

don't you have a camera on your phone??? couldn't you just use that! anyways take me with you next time, i want to see too :)