Thursday, March 6, 2008

Extended weekend.

My weekend starts now. Yes, you heard me. It's only 6:00 am Thursday morning, but my weekend is now. I just got home from work, but it's already going to be a good day. Nothing really happened at work today, but what makes it good is what is happening tonight. Actually, I lied. Something decent happened at work. Salem has recently returned from surgery, so I've been taking care of her area and employees. She was late today, however, and I was supervising her people until she arrived. I received a couple compliments today from her own people that they like how I run her area. That's always nice to hear, isn't it? One of which even vented to me about how she doesn't feel she's being treated fairly. This happened as I was leaving, so I will have to talk to her about it Monday.

Anyway, what's happening tonight?

Indeed. The Foo Fighters!

They have been around since late 1994, and yet this will be my first time seeing them live. To top it off, I have GA floor tickets. I am debating if I should even try to take my camera in there. The tickets show "No Recorders/Audio/Video". That makes me think picture cameras are allowed, but then again, it's the Foo Fighters in an arena venue. I think I'll take it anyway. The worst thing that can happen is I will just have to walk back to my car to leave it there. Pat Smear is touring with them as a guitaris, so it should be fun seeing him as well. Opening for them is Serj Tankian. I do like some System of a Down tunes, but I'm not to into Serj's solo stuff. Maybe seeing the songs live will change my mind. We'll see.

I've been in a musical mood lately. Yeah, even during the weekend when I was under the weather. So what did I do? I recorded myself playing a song on guitar. Ignore the poor video quality.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Wow, this is horrible." Yes, I know. I'm a drummer, not a guitarist, so I know I sound bad playing guitarist. I played this song because it's an easy song to play, yet my fingers can't get the chords. Can you guess what song this is? Here's a hint: South Africa.


mariya said...

so this is the plan: you taking me to see the concert! lol

deana said...

Hey Jerry,
Thanks for the kind wishes! Kinunity in action.

Have fun at Foo Fighters! I'm jealous. Oh, but I'm gonna have to listen again... couldn't name the tune.

Cheers, Deana