Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holding the Cue

Today's project (3/17): Show your own hand in a photograph today doing something. Reaching, holding, touching, or making a sign.

Initially I had an idea of typing on the laptop, but I really didn't like how those photos came out. I then thought of holding... let's just say a weapon. That didn't out turn out so well, either.

I then turned to the pool table. I tried taking a photo with my right hand, but It wasn't terribly easy to do what I wanted, so I decided to use my tripod.

I tried tinkering with the photo, but then I realized the colors in the shot came out good enough as it is. I used a vivid color setting in my camera. I also liked how the shadows appear from the balls, and my hand.

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DJ Half said...

Holding on the vinyl record as the platter is spinning just before letting it go for the song to start comes to mind when you mention Holding the Cue. Great post man. Enjoying the Asylum!