Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Metal Fist

Today's project (3/30): Make a photograph that features metal or a metallic surface today.

I had a couple of ideas for this assignment. There were particularly three ideas that I wanted to use, but I really couldn't decide between them which I wanted to use.

One of the ideas was calling to go in an entirely different direction. It wasn't anything physical that was or contained metal. I used a CD and it's case from an album I bought a long time ago. It was the Pantera Greatest Hits album, Pantera being a Heavy Metal band. I then started thinking people probably wouldn't know who Pantera was, and wouldn't make the connection to metal.

I decided to use this photo. I found an old rusty chain, and simply wrapped it around my fist. I tried giving an angry look, though I probably couldn't pass as being intimidating, right?


DJ Half said...

you could, if you put more anger into it. lol. awesome pic.

Nancy said...

I know who Pantera is! :P You do look intimidating, by the way.