Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking upward.

Today's project: Look upward today. Make a photograph with a low horizon and that emphasizes the sky.

This task wasn't too difficult today. I already knew what I wanted to use and I just had to go back in my collection of photographs. The thing is, I was very torn between two particular photos I narrowed it down to. With the help of my sister, I went with this one.

This was taken on a beautiful summer day at Seal Beach. It was my first time at that particular beach, so I took tons of pictures. I also have a black and white version of this picture, but I wanted to show off the bright blue sky that was upon us on that day.

Don't you just love Souther California?


Nancy said...

Great photo! The sky is just so beautiful! :D

marissa said...

So pretty! i wanna hop into that pic so i can lay out and tan hahaha