Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peace and Quiet

Today's project (Thursday 2/24): Illustrate your idea of peace and harmony--or maybe just peace and quiet--today with a photograph.

The first idea that came to my head was to use a picture of someone or something sleeping. That's typically when someone would find peace and quiet.

I then thought of something else I can use.

This photo I used was during my last camping trip to Sequoia National Park with my very good and dear friends. You have never heard silence until you go camping six thousand feet up in the mountains.

In this particular photo, I found deer strolling right in the middle of the campground. I was able to get surprisingly close to take pictures.

Peace and quiet...

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Brittany "Chickenlittle" Bust. said...

Nature is very peaceful and tranquil, It is like one of the last places one can go to reach a state of pure tranquility. The vast beauty of it can evoke thoughts of harmony and a brief getaway from the turmoils of life. Good choice of picture using the deer,you captured and inncoent being in it's natural state.v